Notes from the Urban Homestead – Day Four

Log of my chores & activities for Thursday, June 4 2009

My chore today was to water the indoor plants – an endless task.  I guess I hadn’t fully noticed how many indoor plants Nance had, but it took me at least an hour, especially with all the water spilling, overflowing, and seeping out of the pots that I then had to wipe up.

I also refilled the sawdust bucket so we could continue to use the dry toilet.  Nance has told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to be involved with emptying it.  Given all the water I’ve been spilling that’s probably OK – but I am still curious.

And I met some of the neighborhood kids for the first time.  They were playing in the bushes in Nance’s parking strip and gave me a tour of their clubhouse in the bushes which included a AirFreshner tree hanging from a branch, a radio and a traffic cone.


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